Do I have to be in the property to use this app?

No, the app can be used by anyone who wants to stay informed about a specific community. By downloading the In-telligent™ app and selecting the community, you'll immediately gain access to alerts, announcements, news, traffic and weather, along with other information from that community.

Is there a cost to download the app?

No, the In-telligent™ app is free to everyone. We want you and anyone interested in a community to stay informed. Putting a monetary requirement around sharing this information goes against creating a safer and more informed community.

What are the technology requirements of the app?

The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms through the Play Store and App Store. As such, almost everyone can quickly and easily become In-telligent™.

How does my property, community, or organization become part of the In-telligent™ community?

It's easy! Contact an In-telligent™ representative or simply fill out the form on our Contact Page, and we'll have one of our representatives contact you.

As an In-telligent™ Community Manager, what are my responsibilities?

(1) You'll be responsible for getting your tenants, employees, visitors, members, guests, residents or fans to download the app and select your In-telligent™ community as their primary community. This way, your subscribers can start receiving information and alerts directly from you. (2) Once your community has been set up, you are responsible for pushing out important community related information and alerts through the In-telligent™ portal. Obviously, these two responsibilities work in symmetry allowing you to create a safer and more informed community.

What kind of support do I receive as an In-telligent™ community?

Once your In-telligent™ community is established, you'll have access to our technical support and customer service teams. We don't set you up and then forget about you. Instead, we are committed to ensuring you are happy being part of the In-telligent™ community now and into the future!