Strategic Partners

In-telligent™ has strategic partnerships with market-leading organizations in multiple sectors. Together, we seamlessly enhance the In-telligent™ real-time communication functionalities for our Community Managers and Subscribers. Our goal is to continuously build strategic partnerships to ensure In-telligent™ efficiently and effectively empowers, supports and enhances community communications.

Certus Real Estate Solutions

Certus Real Estate Solutions is a service oriented value driven company focused not on providing simple products and services but a collection of valuable solutions. Our team of industry experts, comprising over 100 years of combined experience in real estate services and related technologies, understands our clients are not one-size fits all so we created a set of solutions that can provide value independently or as a complete solution. We are committed to engaging and forming relationships with our clients to fully understand their goals and deliver the appropriate solutions.

Wireless Information Networks

WIN, a leading distribution antenna system integrator, has partnered with In-telligent to promote better communications and connectivity between property owners/managers and their tenants, employees and visitors.

Covenant Security

Covenant is an industry leader in providing highly trained security officers to a variety of commercial and government sectors. Covenant has a deep understanding of all facets of security, from public relations to critical response.

Prescient Solutions

Prescient, an IT support strategic company, focuses on installation support with firewalls and cyber security to villages and other In-telligent™ target communities. Our partnering with Prescient assists our reach into this key growth market.

Horton Insurance

As a leading insurance, employee benefits and risk advisory firm, the Horton Group works with us to increase the awareness in the insurance industry around our ability to issue emergency alerts which will ultimately provide a safer environment and more protected building environment. They also work with our In-telligent™ customers to help them set the right strategy, capture the best opportunities, or evaluate risks.

In Our Community

With a focus on providing the best knowledge and news in and around communities, In Our Community is a perfect companion to our Local Information feature. Through this IOC feature our users will be more connected and up to speed on events and activities in their home towns and villages.

JMG, Inc.

As a full service branding and web agency, JMG provides In-telligent™ messaging management services for municipalities and companies that prefer to outsource these activities.