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AMBER Alerts. Everyone has gotten one on their cell phone and we can all agree, they are very effective. The ability to override the silent or do not disturb settings on a mobile device is perfect for emergency communication.

We at In-telligent were moved by this article, which highlights 5 amazing stories of dramatic AMBER alert rescues. Unfortunately, not every AMBER alert ends with a happy resolution, but these stories do give us hope. Though each of these stories were very different, the one common denominator was the importance of quickly disseminating information and how it helped keep people safer and better informed.

The “AMBER” in AMBER Alerts stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. AMBER Alerts began in 1996, in memory of Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl abducted in Arlington, Texas. Lawmakers saw the need for a way to quickly alert the population and decided to deploy an emergency broadcast system. According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, this system helps resolve about 95% of missing children cases within 72 hours.

Impressive, but believe it or not, there’s room for improvement and enhancement. Not only will the In-telligent app override silent settings on mobile devices like AMBER, but its messages can be automatically translated by the user into over 100 different languages. This ensures that the emergency message that is delivered will be understood by the recipient. Messages sent through the In-telligent platform are also saved for future reference. As opposed to AMBER, where the notifications disappear after being viewed, keeping the messages for future reference dramatically enhances the likelihood for a quick and successful resolution.

It gets even better. In-telligent also has the ability to send images and video in an emergency alert. One glaring problem with receiving an amber alert is the lack of detail in the information given. Almost always the make and model of a vehicle is given, but not every car is as identifiable as a 1993 White Ford Bronco. And, of course, being able to see a picture of the missing child is essential.

In-telligent’s identification capabilities were put to the test during a college football game. As a test of the system, a missing child alert was sent to security personnel with an accompanying picture. Incredibly, the child was located by the security team in under two minutes! While just a test and no child was ever in harm’s way, this was proof that getting messages to people with clear and actionable information is essential in achieving the best possible outcome.

We can all agree that AMBER alerts are extremely effective at delivering the message in a way where people see it. It stems directly from the ability to break through the notification clutter and override the silent settings. The In-telligent app takes AMBER alerts to another level. In these instances, seconds seem like minutes, minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days. After all, if your child was missing, wouldn’t you want every available tool deployed to bring him or her home quickly and safely?

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