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Imagine with me the following two scenarios:

  1. A man leaves work early to play a round of golf before heading home. The weather looks bad, but he doesn’t want to stop in the middle of his game. The course also has an alert system, so he assumes that the storm can’t be that bad. Unfortunately, the course’s alert system isn’t working! Fortunately, the severe weather feature of In-telligent will audibly notify him of the danger and, even better, the pro shop can push out audible alerts through In-telligent warning the golfers to get off the course.

  1. A typical soccer practice is organized. The 12-year-olds are dropped off, and the parents head out to complete other chores until the scheduled pick-up time nears. Bad weather moves in midway through the practice. Even though the field doesn’t have lightning detectors and notification equipment, the coaches get an audible alert through In-telligent. A strike hits a few miles away, the audible alert goes off, and the coaches get the kids to shelter. Once everyone is safe, the coach sends out an audible alert to the parents letting them know that practice has been cut short and to come collect their kids.

In each instance, the key is the audible alert! So many apps push out notifications that people often set their devices to silent to keep the tweets, posts, text and emails from driving them crazy. However, when it is really important, you need to be alerted. In-telligent makes this possible!

The ability for weather services to predict severe weather is improving; unfortunately, their ability to successfully alert the public is not advancing as quickly. They typically send out one warning through the cell tower system when a threat is detected, maybe another if the threat changes at all. Unfortunately, these important notifications tend to be cluttered with less important notifications around pollen counts, advisories, and watches. While all helpful information, the sheer quantity of notifications makes them easier to ignore or, for those annoyed by the constant notifications, to shut them off entirely.

You need a better system now…

Forecasters at NOAA’s climate prediction center have predicted that the 2017 storm season will be above average. They predict a high likelihood of between 11 and 17 massive storms forming in the Atlantic this year. Forecasters say as many as five of these storms could become hurricanes, with anywhere from 2 to 4 developing into major hurricanes. While this might not sound like alot, it only takes one to disrupt our lives. NOAA constantly stresses that you must prepare for the unexpected.

Of course, hurricanes are not the only dangerous weather we face. According to NOAA’s statistics, the US leads the world in absolute tornado counts with an average of 1,000 tornadoes recorded each year. Also, according to USA Today, the average number of blizzards per year has doubled since 1995. The average number of blizzards is now up to almost 20 per year. Furthermore, while the 10-year average for fatalities due to flooding is 91 deaths, there were 126 flood casualties in 2016. Let’s not forget severe storms with lightning, hail, and/or high winds which can also be extremely dangerous.

In-telligent has the solution. It will notify you if you’re actually in the path of severe weather and will continuously re-broadcast the message to anyone that arrives in the danger zone during the period of the alert. If it’s merely a watch or advisory, In-telligent won’t send you notifications. However, if you are in or travel into the path of severe weather, In-telligent will make sure that you know. It doesn’t matter if you missed the first warning issued 10 minutes before, through its hyper-targeting notification system, once you are physically at risk of facing severe weather, In-telligent will make sure that you know (without bothering people that have already been notified).

In-telligent’s severe weather feature is essential for everyone that demands a little more peace of mind, whether at home or while traveling. Nothing else can provide you the audible alerts that you need to get yourself and your loved ones safely out of harm’s way.

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