During Recent Bomb Threat Miami-Dade Police Department Kept Schools Safe With In-telligent

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Last week  there was a bomb threat in the Kendall region of Miami-Dade County. Events like these are not common, but when they do happen, the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Real-Time Crime Center’s (MDPD-RTCC) first priority is making sure everyone in the vicinity is safe. This includes schools in the area – and the students, teachers and staff who are on-campus.

With their recent move to use the In-telligent app to send real-time alerts and notifications to school officials in the impacted area when emergency situations arise, the MDPD-RTCC was able to get critical information in the hands of school principals and other officials immediately, letting them know about the bomb threat situation and keeping them informed as the situation unfolded. In-telligent proved to be invaluable in notifying officials quickly; much faster than even the local news. News of the bomb threat first became available on TV and online at around 2pm, while the MDPD-RTCC using In-telligent was able to sent an alert to school and other officials very shortly after the incident first occurred – at around 1:30pm.

While other emergency communication systems

like Nixle can send alerts to people in the surrounding area of an incident, their messages are often unnoticed when users’ phones are silenced. With In-telligent, the bomb threat information was received and seen by a large percentage of users immediately, thanks to the app’s audible override feature which triggers an audible alert even when a phone is silenced or set to Do Not Disturb.

Thankfully, the Kendall area schools were outside the perimeter of the threat and didn’t need to go on lockdown.  However, they were aware and able to monitor the situation keeping their students, staff and teachers as safe as possible. Once again, the MDPD-RTCC using In-telligent saves the day!


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