Augment Your School's App for Emergency Communication

Every second counts when there's an emergency on a college campus.

How do you get urgent messages to students, staff, and faculty that aren’t paying attention because they're in class, socializing, or otherwise distracted by everything going on around them?

In-telligent gets their attention!

By augmenting your school's existing mobile app with In-telligent's emergency notification add-on, you give your administration team the ability to get urgent messages to people in danger instantly.


People often disable push notifications because they don’t want to be bogged down with alerts that aren’t critical to them.  With
In-telligent's notification add-on, app users are able to disable push notifications, but still be notified during an emergency through audible alerts that bypasses silent.


Often times, critical situations only affect one geographical area; especially in the case of a large university campus. With
In-telligent technology, campus admins can target their urgent messages to specific locations or buildings on or near campus to alert only those affected.


In-telligent's notifications push through any active audio sessions. When an emergency occurs and an override message is sent, an app user is notified even with headphones on, a car or bluetooth speaker paired, while streaming a movie, or any other situation that utilizes the phone's audio.

In-telligent’s emergency notification add-on truly provides the best way to customize alerts and ensure that students and staff are kept safe and informed, even when they’re distracted, their push notifications are disabled, and/or their phones are set to silent.