Emergency Notification System, In-Telligent, Saves Lives During Severe Weather

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“My life was turned upside down on Sunday. I lost almost everything. My wife wasn’t feeling so good so she went to take a nap. I muted my phone so she didn’t get disturbed. I saw the wind pick up some and it started to get dark. Then I heard this loud music and it was coming from my phone! There was a tornado warning. I got my wife up we ducked down in the bathroom tub. Not 5 seconds later my house was gone. Just ripped apart all around me! If I had not gotten your warning we would have been killed, I’m sure. I can’t thank you enough and I’m telling everyone about your app. God bless you and all you do.” – Testimonial from an In-telligent app user

Be prepared for severe weather!  Choose your favorite weather group and download In-telligent HERE!

Emergency Notification System

Severe weather season is here, bringing with it dangerous lightning, damaging winds, hail, flooding, and tornadoes.  Though severe weather tends to be most prominent in the midwestern and southeastern part of the United States, it can occur anywhere, so being prepared for it is crucial to everyone’s safety.

Receiving severe weather alerts was once simple; when an advisory was issued, cable networks and radio stations would broadcast the information and nearly everyone would take notice.  But with the proliferation of streaming TV and music services, as well as the general business that often takes us outside easy reach of the media, important weather alerts are often missed.


Enter In-telligent, a free emergency notification system

that allows users to, among other things, receive urgent weather advisories right to their phone in real-time.  Unlike other weather apps, In-telligent’s patented technology allows emergency alerts to bypass a mobile device’s silent or Do Not Disturb setting, ensuring you notice them immediately.  In the case of the tornado survivor above, getting an audible alert about a life-threatening weather event from In-telligent can easily mean the difference between life and death.

Be prepared for severe weather!  Choose your favorite weather group and download In-telligent HERE!

In-telligent is more than just weather alerts, though. Authoritative sources around the world use In-telligent’s patented technology, also known as In-telligent Elements, to push out information about crimes, bomb threats, active shooters, natural disasters, and other life-threatening situations. By utilizing the In-telligent app, or integrating In-telligent technology in to their own platform, these sources have a powerful tool allowing them to keep people safer and more informed. Organizations have the option to take advantage of one or all of In-telligent’s Elements products listed below. Or, by downloading In-telligent, users have the benefit of all of this technology built right into the app!

Sound Element – Allows critical messages to carry an audible sound, even when a device is on silent or do not disturb.

Aggregate Element – Automatically groups recipients by location, allowing them to receive only alerts relevant to them.

Speak Element – Gives users the ability to contact an organization directly through the platform via VoIP technology.

Language Element – Automatically translates message from their original language into a recipient’s preferred language.

Learn more about In-telligent’s business solutions.


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