Enhancing Internal Communications for Coral Gables Police Department

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In an emergency situation, every second counts, and nobody knows this better than police, firefighters, and other emergency response personnel.  Efficient and effective communication plays a major role in helping mitigate damage and increase the chance of positive outcomes during time-sensitive situations.  For this reason, Coral Gables Police Department uses the In-telligent platform for their internal communication, allowing for shorter response times and more efficient collaboration between departments.


In-telligent allows Coral Gables PD to send alerts that are seen immediately during time-sensitive situations by uniquely bypassing mobile notification settings and geo-targeting messages based on the user’s location.   This means that even if an officer or other official has their phone on silent, they can receive targeted alerts based on their location that are seen immediately.

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Through In-telligent, CGPD is able to immediately alert the city’s firefighters, SWAT teams, negotiation personnel, marine patrol, K9 units and other emergency response personnel and provide direction on a threat or emergency. By using In-telligent’s geo-fencing capabilities, CGPD can target their messages to all personnel, just to personnel in an affected geographic area, or to predetermined groups, such as a specific department.


There are countless situations where In-telligent technology can make a difference, including:

– During a situation where someone is barricaded and the SWAT team needs to be called in in the middle of the night.

– When a fire has broken out and additional fire stations need to respond to assist the one closest to the fire.

– When a domestic disturbance needs to be addressed right away by the closest police officer.

– During a “shots fired” situation, or other situation threatening the life of an officer, where backup is needed immediately.


In-telligent provides a much more effective means of communication than two-way radio.  Two-way radios, though rugged and unaffected by overloaded towers, allow the public to listen in through police scanners, which can cause the spread of misinformation, or the crowding of people to an incident site.  In-telligent messages will get through even if towers are down, and information is kept private between personnel instead of broadcast to the public.


To learn more about how In-telligent can help enhance your communication, click HERE.

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