Golfconnect Keeps Staff And Members Safer And Informed

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I have always hated having to send my people out during storms,” said Gabe Exiner, former PGA Club Professional and now Director, Business Development at In-telligent LLC. “It never seemed like a good idea to send my staff out into danger to have to alert the members and other staff to take shelter. There had to be a better answer!

Now, through the In-telligent App or any App that is running the In-telligent technology, Club Professionals have an easy solution to this difficult and challenging problem.

Every Club Professional knows that severe weather is particularly important to communicate, with lightning the leading cause of death for golfers. While they say that lightning never strikes the same spot twice, it does hit 400 people a year in the US alone. Accordingly, having an effective severe weather safety communication plan in place is crucial for club staff and everyone on the golf course.

GolfConnect is In-telligent’s newest innovation designed around helping with important Club communication. With messages that are immediately seen and understood by the target audience, GolfConnect is perfectly suited for a Club’s urgent communication needs.

Weather delays, course closures, Club updates, starting and stopping play, course repairs, emergencies, and any other information that needs to be relayed to staff, caddies or members can now be easily communicated through the In-telligent app in real-time.

Keep your staff and membership better informed and safer through GolfConnect.

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