In-telligent Alleviates Widespread Panic Stemming From Mistaken Emergency Alerts

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The In-telligent app is designed to keep individuals around the world safer and more informed during emergency situations and important time-sensitive events. In addition to important notifications and the ability to contact emergency responders when situations arise, In-telligent also safeguards against false alarms being sent out that can cause widespread chaos and panic.


Last week an ‘improper’ emergency alert set off during a mass shooter drill at Walter Reed Naval Medical Center caused temporary hysteria when the Bethesda, MD NSA was contacted and the active shooter response protocol went into effect, putting the facility in lock-down for over an hour. This situation was similar to a mistaken emergency alert that was sent out in Hawaii earlier this year about an incoming missile threat. It was determined immediately to be a false alarm, but it took 30 agonizing minutes to get the word out.


To alleviate, and even prevent, the chaos and turmoil that result from these types of false alarms, In-telligent has built in layers of authentication to stop false alerts like these from being sent in the first place. In-telligent is designed so that before a Life Saving Alert can be issued, a specific code must be entered. This redundancy requirement eliminates instances like the situation at Walter Reed and would have helped in Hawaii.

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And, in the rare case that an alert does get sent in non-emergency situations by accident, In-telligent helps restore order by enabling personnel to send out a “false alarm” notification almost immediately, canceling the alert and restoring calm.


False alarms like the one at Walter Reed Medical Center and in the state of Hawaii don’t happen often, but when they do, there is a high cost in terms of emergency responders’ time, lost employee productivity, and more importantly, the emotional toll on those affected. Imagine how easily these costs could have been avoided simply by using In-telligent! Help us on our mission by getting the word out.


Stay safe. Download the In-telligent app today: Download Now

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