In-telligent Enhances Mobile App With New Personal Community Feature

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chicago mobile communications company In-telligent continues to enhance its mobile app and have today announced a new ‘Personal Community’ feature that will allow users to reach loved ones during emergency situations, even when their phone is set to silent or do not disturb.

This new feature is a natural extension of the In-telligent platform and supports the company’s mission of keeping people safer and better informed through heightened communication. Through Personal Communities, users will be able to decide who to invite, as well as having complete control over the messages that go out. In the case of an emergency, users will be able to utilize the emergency alert feature to override the silent settings on the device the message is sent to.

“Life today is inundated with stuff coming at us from every direction. In those moments when getting a hold of someone is critical, we need a communication tool capable of cutting through the noise and focusing our attention on the things that are most important,” said Allan Sutherland, Founder and CEO of In-telligent. “ Our goal as a company is to keep people safer and better informed, and the Personal Community feature will make this possible for networks of families and friends that want to be assured, and able to take control of an emergency situation when it arises.”

Unlike competing apps, In-telligent is a free platform with thousands of communities, reaching millions of people around the world. The robust app allows people on both iOS and Android devices to send messaging first and fast, ensuring that the message is seen, even if the recipient’s mobile device is set to silent or do not disturb.

Urgently trying to reach someone when their phone is on silent can be incredibly frustrating. In critical moments, reaching family and friends quickly and efficiently can make all the difference. When a phone call or text goes unanswered, In-telligent’s new Personal Community feature will ensure that the emergency message is noticed immediately.

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About In-telligent In-telligent gives peace of mind to users by enabling them to be better informed, have greater awareness, and become more deeply engaged in their communities. In-telligent is free and compatible with both Android and iOS powered devices. The app uses geofencing technology to target alerts to users in a designated area and also has the ability to override the silent settings on a mobile device for critical life-safety alerts. In the case of an emergency, In-telligent ensures that users will be alerted immediately – because safety is critical.

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