It’s that time of year again where students are heading back to college apartments or moving into freshman dorms – sometimes far from home. It’s an exciting, scary time full of new experiences for the students and of letting go for parents.  Parents aren’t as “nearby” as they’re used to, but thanks to In-telligent, parents can rest assured that their child is never far away from help if he or she finds themselves in an urgent or dangerous situation on or near campus.


To keep students safer and parents more at ease, In-telligent built the phone number for campus police right into its innovative app for every major college and university in the US. After downloading the free app, users can manually subscribe to their college police community, or be auto-subscribed if they have the location services on and are located anywhere on or near campus. It’s an easy but important step for ensuring personal safety while away from home.


Because In-telligent has these important campus security phone numbers built right into the app, all a user needs to do is activate the Contact feature to reach help. That means if your son or daughter has something stolen, if something happens at a party, or if they see something that needs to be reported, campus police are just a few taps away.


There’s no scrambling to Google a number or worrying whether you’re going to be able to reach help in time. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your college student safe.  Through In-telligent, help will be on the way in no time! Parents can easily subscribe to the college or university community too, giving them the same easy access to the campus police force.


The long list of things to do before school starts can feel overwhelming, but ensuring that your college student is as safe as possible while at school has to be at the top of the list. Downloading In-telligent on your phone also ensures that you will have an easy way to speak with help on campus when worried – all at the push of a button. With In-telligent, letting go doesn’t have to be so scary, knowing a helping hand is only a few clicks away.


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