In-telligent Launches New Safety App in Partnership with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jaguars Emergency Alert app sends time-sensitive messages to fans in TIAA Stadium using In-telligent’s patented technology


We’re excited to announce that this Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars are introducing its newest effort to ensure fan safety: the Jaguars Emergency Alert app, powered by In-telligent.


Using patented technology, the app allows Jaguars staff to send time-sensitive safety messages that can bypass do-not-disturb features and silent mode on fans’ smartphones. In addition, the app comes with the following features:

  Authoritative Alerts: Alerts are issued from Jags staff and security, ensuring that all messages are true and accurate.

  Peace of Mind Connectivity: Immediately contact security for help through the app’s SOS button.

Only Relevant Alerts: Audible alerts are sent to affected individuals and are received immediately, keeping fans safe and aware while in and around TIAA Stadium.


Ahead of all home games starting with the matchup against the Houston Texans this weekend, Jaguars fans are encouraged to download the app, which is available for free on iOS and Android. The Jaguars Emergency Alert app is separate from the existing fan app, and will only send alerts centered around important or life-threatening situations.


The Jags truly care about their fans and in an age of heightened security and awareness around COVID-19, ensuring fan safety is an even higher priority than in previous seasons. Chad Johnson, SVP Sales & Service and Chief Content Officer, sites this dedication as the reason for partnering with In-telligent, saying, “The safety of our fans is extremely important to us, so we are very excited to be able to offer this new technology to keep our fans better informed and safer on game day to enhance their experience.


This marks In-telligent’s first partnership with a professional sports team, illustrating an exciting new use case for In-telligent’s innovative technology. In-telligent is working to have similar partnerships in place by the time fans fully return to stadiums in 2021 to help ensure fan safety across the US and around the globe. For this Sunday, In-telligent wants all Jags fans to feel safe and secure cheering on their favorite team! #DUUUVAL

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