In-telligent Named One of the Hottest Companies in 2020

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In-telligent, the global leader in emergency communications solutions, has been named one of the 20 Hottest Companies in 2020 by Aspioneer. Created to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information needed for businesses to stay ahead of the curve, Aspioneer recognized the unparalleled advances that In-telligent has been making to keep people safer and informed around the world. The Aspioneer team spent time getting to know Allan Sutherland, the founder and CEO of In-telligent, learning what sets their platform apart from others:

“Our platform is truly disrupting the status quo. If a tragedy occurs at an elementary school, for example, every parent wants to know immediately that something has happened and to ensure that their children are safe. Unfortunately, before In-telligent there were no good tools available – ‘important’ telephone calls, text messages, and emails can’t be differentiated from ‘normal’ telephone calls, text messages and emails. Our technology ensures that these important messages are noticed immediately. We do not exaggerate fear. Instead, we create solutions to promote peace of mind….Lives are better because of what we do; our technology has saved lives.”

Curious as to what makes the In-telligent platform work, Aspioneer discovered these details:

“Established in 2015 by CEO Allan Sutherland, In-telligent LLC is a software as a service (SaaS) technology company known for delivering a lifesaving personal safety and emergency communications platform. After years of intensive research, In-telligent developed its breakthrough technology. Protected by an extensive patent portfolio, In-telligent’s powerful communication platform is engineered to alert the right people at the right time, even under severe and challenging conditions. Their technology allows organizations to send an audible alert even when the device is in silent or do not disturb mode. It also has the ability to interrupt audio sessions, geo-target messages, and automatically translate messages to the default language of the receiving device.

In-telligent ensures a faster and prompt way for organizations to get messages delivered to the people who rely on them. Their customers range from the Government of Guatemala and the Government of Panama to small organizations like Mountain Ember, a local fire-protection group in Southern California. Irrespective of the size of the organization, In-telligent is committed to saving lives in a crisis. For their business customers who do not have an existing application, In-telligent offers them the ability to use the proprietary In-telligent mobile application. Alternatively, organizations can choose to have In-telligent develop a white label application, branded and customized to their business needs. For business customers who already have an existing application, In-telligent can integrate its technology into the customer’s platform, allowing them to make use of In-telligent’s full suite of capabilities.”

The In-telligent team works hard every day to keep the world as safe as possible. Aspioneer noted:

“Awarded as one of the most Innovative Companies of 2019 by CEO Views Magazine, In-telligent’s team has the vision to connect everyone in the world to a communication platform dedicated to keeping them safer and better informed. With over a million people already using their technology in almost 100 countries, and thousands of messages being sent per day, In-telligent is making the world safer for people everywhere.”

For more, check out the full Aspioneer article here.


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