In-telligent Partners With National Governments Around The World To Bring Emergency Communication To Citizens And Visitors

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In-telligent’s award-winning patented emergency alerting technology has become the obvious choice of governments around the world allowing them to keep their residents and visitors as safe and informed as possible during time-critical moments. Designed to be a quantum leap forward in emergency communications, In-telligent’s advanced technology supplements legacy systems ensuring that emergency messages are received and noticed immediately by the most people possible.

Using newly created In-telligent powered mobile apps, by the end of the month, governments in Latin America and Africa will have unsurpassed alerting capabilities; allowing critical and life-saving information to reach their citizens and visitors during emergency events.

As part of these strategic partnerships, each Country is provided a custom-built mobile app that integrates In-telligent’s patented technology, including the ability to make a cell phone make noise even when set to “silent” or “do not disturb.” By adding In-telligent’s automatic grouping of people based on their location and the instant translation of messages, these mobile apps ensure that people in specific locations receive, notice and understand important messages even if their phones are silenced. The apps will be maintained by In-telligent, but the messages will be originated by each country’s national government personnel.

The benefits of this structure are extensive, the foremost being the ability for national governments to alert affected people of threats at a moment’s notice, such as during natural disasters and human-made crises. For residents and visitors, the ability to gain credible, authoritative information during emergency situations is critically important to their own and their family’s safety.

“National and regional governments need to quickly send out emergency alerts and instruct recipients on what steps to take to keep themselves safe is long overdue. Legacy systems designed on out-dated technology are fine, but, when lives are at risk, ‘fine’ is not good enough,” said Allan Sutherland, Founder and CEO of In-telligent. In-telligent is already working or in discussions with over 20 national governments, which are responsible for over 2.5 billion people. Rollouts of these applications are planned through the end of the year. Once fully deployed, the In-telligent platform will truly be the global leader in emergency communication partnering with countries in Latin America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

“Having governments around the world using our technology to keep their residents and visitors safer is an incredible validation of the power of the In-telligent platform and a vote of confidence to the hard working members of the In-telligent team,” said Sutherland. “Each country that becomes ‘In-telligent’ serves to fulfill our mission of keeping people everywhere safer.”

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