In-telligent Provides A Backup Plan In Emergencies

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There are times when technology simply should not fail, but when it does, there has to be an effective back-up plan in place.  This rule was never more true than on July 2nd, when the 9-1-1 system went dark for municipalities across the country.

As reported in an article written by Fierce Wireless on July 2nd:

‘AT&T suffered a nationwide service outage for about two hours early Tuesday that prevented AT&T cellphone customers from calling 911 or sending text messages. Service was restored later in the morning.

“Earlier this morning some wireless customers may have been unable to connect to 911,” read a statement issued AT&T at 8:20 a.m Central Time. “This has been resolved, and we apologize to anyone who was affected.”

This isn’t the first time such an outage has occurred.  Fierce Wireless also noted that ‘AT&T has had 911 outages before. In 2017, police departments across the country reported two similar 911 outages that together resulted in more than 15,000 failed 911 calls. The Federal Communications Commission levied a fine of $5.5 million against AT&T for those outages.’   Additionally, Verizon and other cell carriers have been known to experience such outages.

For obvious reasons, the inability to reach 911 in an emergency can have grave consequences.  Everyone should have the ability to reach emergency assistance at any time. Unfortunately, many Municipalities don’t have an effective backup plan for situations such as this.

Several organizations across multiple states called out the interruption, alerting AT&T customers and providing alternate means of contacting emergency assistance.  While certainly trying to be helpful, none of these alternatives were designed to be used for emergency communication.

In-telligent is different.  In-telligent’s patented technology was designed to save lives by not only delivering life-saving messages right to a user’s mobile device during emergencies that are noticed immediately, but also by providing an instant connection to emergency assistance that doesn’t rely on cell providers or cell towers.  Municipalities that partner with In-telligent have the benefit of a backup in situations like the AT&T outage, ensuring their residents and visitors safety. After all, in an emergency situation, having a working system when needed could be the difference between life and death.

Utilizing patented technology, In-telligent’s emergency communication services do what no other platform can by giving municipalities around the world a fail-proof way to reach people with emergency information and giving people the ability to instantly reach emergency services outside the 9-1-1 service framework.  In-telligent’s technology can be accessed via its proprietary app, via API integration into an existing mobile communication application, or via a custom-built government communication platform.  

Any Municipality looking to affordably enhance their emergency communication system should consider the In-telligent technology.  Fill out the form below and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss how our business solutions can help your organization!

See the full Fierce Wireless article here:

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