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In today’s day and age, the safety of our kids when they’re at school is no longer a given.  We’re bombarded with stories of children being bullied, active shooters, natural disasters, and other scary situations that threaten the lives and wellbeing of our nation’s students.  As such, schools have begun adopting emergency alerting systems that allow school administration to quickly alert to threats and provide critical direction that could save lives.

In response to the need for such systems, numerous platforms have been developed, all with different features and functionalities, often making it difficult for school officials to choose the one that’s best for their school.  While budgets and needs will vary from school to school, according to a recent article by Campus Safety Magazine, a news source dedicated to information related to safety in schools and on campuses, there are eight questions that decision-makers should ask of any alerting system that they’re considering.  Unlike other systems on the market, with its patented technology and unsurpassed alerting capabilities, In-telligent has a solution to every question on Campus Safety’s list:


CS Question: Can the system be used for virtually every situation–not limited to only active intruder, fire,

or bomb threat?

In-telligent Solution: In-telligent can be used to communicate critical information that people see and understand immediately in ANY situation requiring time-sensitive communication.


CS Question: Can the system automatically escalate urgent alerts to first responders and connect with 911?

In-telligent Solution: The SOS button located within the In-telligent app, or any app powered by In-telligent technology, immediately connects a person to the closest emergency response team without them having to know the right number to call.


CS Question: Can the system be used by local law enforcement to notify schools of potential threats in the area, so schools can take measures to keep students safe?

In-telligent Solution: In-telligent is currently in use by the Miami Dade County Police Department to communicate information about nearby threats to area schools, giving them advanced warning and time to lock down if necessary.  The In-telligent platform is available for use by any police department or municipality for the same purpose.


CS Question: Can the system account for people – allowing teachers to check in and confirm their and their students’ safety and help with reunification in evacuation incidents?

In-telligent Solution: In-telligent provides a way for any staff member to send alerts targeted to an individual student, or a group of students located in a specific location, for the purposes of checking in and providing direction.


CS Question: Can alerts be triggered from a variety of devices like a mobile app, computer, panic button, sensor, visitor management system, smart speaker, etc?

In-telligent Solution: In-telligent alerts can be triggered from a mobile app, computer or table by default.  Through our various integration solutions, alerts could be designed to be triggered from other sources as needed.


CS Question: Does the system include a student-specific app that activates the most critical element in school safety – students acting as early detection network and being able to report perceived threats?

In-telligent Solution: In-telligent works for communicating in both directions, allowing school officials to send out alerts, as well as allowing students to submit critical information to teachers and officials during time-sensitive situations or situations where they feel unsafe.


CS Question: Does the system provide more than maps and static checklists and include role-based response protocols to ensure each individual clearly understands what to do in each situation?

In-telligent Solution: In-telligent provides geo-targeted alerting capabilities, allowing alerts to be sent to specific people and/or zones without the sender being limited to static addresses or having to know where exactly their recipients are at any given time.  Additionally, alerts are auto-translated so that recipients can understand the information being sent to them.


CS Question: Can the system integrate other investments – including visitor Management systems, cameras, door locks, and more – to reduce response times in an emergency and strengthen safety protocols?

In-telligent Solution: In-telligent technology can be integrated into other mobile applications and systems to create the most effective emergency communication system possible for every organization and their specific needs.


When choosing the best emergency communication platform for your school, In-telligent’s patented technology provides all of the important features that you need to keep your students and staff safe.  To learn more about our technology or to schedule a demo of the platform, click HERE.

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