In-telligent = Smarter Lightning Safety: Coming Soon To A Golf Course Near You

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Did you know that lightning is a leading cause of weather-related deaths in the U.S.? Golfers are especially vulnerable to this danger, given their often-reluctant nature to leave the course before they’ve finished the round. While most golf courses have alert systems, they can unfortunately be ineffective, as the audible alarm they send can’t always be heard in different areas of the property. When they are heard, they warn golfers of impending danger but don’t offer instructions on how to get to safety. In-telligent is bringing smart lighting safety to golf clubs across the country, thanks to the app’s ability to easily send emergency alerts to staff and players directly to their mobile device, with directions for how to get out of harm’s way.

According to Gabe Exiner, an Account Executive with In-telligent and the head of its Outdoor Facilities Division, the In-telligent emergency notifications platform enables golf facilities to significantly boost their communication efforts by alerting golfers of severe weather or other dangerous conditions and directing players to safety. With its unique notification feature that ensures an alert is heard even when a user’s phone is set to silent mode, important life-saving messages and updates are received by staff and visitors immediately.

“As a seasoned golf professional, I’ve dealt with lightning safety challenges for 20 years. Golfers are near and dear to my heart, and I am excited to bring the In-telligent communication platform to the industry at large,” said Exiner. “The ability to warn people in a specific area – even if their phones are silenced – is applicable in so many different arenas, but helping golfers is particularly important to me given my experience and understanding of their die-hard enthusiasm for the game. The safety features and other messaging capabilities help improve a club’s communications while keeping their staff and visitors safe and informed.”

Among the golf facilities that have begun using In-telligent are The Grove and Royal Fox Country Clubs in Illinois. As stated by Brian Tulk, General Manager for both resorts, “We have been in need of a tool like In-telligent as a quick and easy way to alert players on the course, as well as grounds crew and other staff, when severe weather or other events affecting our buildings and property, and potentially impacting people’s safety, take place. Our previous system required significant expense to maintain, and we can now use those funds for continually enhancing the wonderful atmosphere we have created at The Royal Fox Country Club and The Grove Country Club. In-telligent also helps keep members more informed and closely connected to the club, which is mutually beneficial.”

By operating as either a stand-alone solution or an add-on to a facility’s existing system, In-telligent delivers the warning AND directions for ANY dangerous situation, maximizing a facility’s duty of care for people on their property.

“I am proud to be part of the In-telligent team, working to keep people safer all over the world,” said Exiner. “Not only is In-telligent effective, but it’s affordable too. It truly is the best safety communications system on the planet.”

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