In-telligent Transforms Communication And Maximizes Duty Of Care For Medical Facilities

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In order to have the best patient outcomes and also maintain compliance with various healthcare mandates, medical facilities must maintain high quality standards.  With the passing of Public Act 100-1051 (the Healthcare Violence Protection Act) in January 2019, facilities throughout Illinois have an additional duty of care to ensure the safety of employees, patients, and other facility occupants from violence by introducing a workplace violence prevention program.

In-telligent can help. In-telligent’s patented technology helps keep facilities compliant with the Healthcare Violence Prevention Act by providing quick notification of dangerous situations anywhere within the facility.  In an urgent situation that puts the workplace at risk, such as an active shooter, every second counts and occupants need to be made aware of what’s going on as quickly as possible and given direction on what to do.

In-telligent allows for the instantaneous viewing and understanding of critical information by affected people, even under challenging circumstances.  In the case of potential violence in a medical facility, our technology allows facility administration to send “In-telligent” notifications that audibly alert staff and other occupants to important information, regardless of their mobile device’s notification settings, ensuring that critical messages are noticed immediately.  These messages can contain text, images, and video, and are ideal for disseminating information and providing direction during stressful situations. Once an urgent message is received, employees can then follow predetermined emergency protocols to get themselves and other facility occupants out of harm’s way. No other technology works as efficiently to get a person’s attention, making it the perfect solution as facilities comply with these new mandates.

In-telligent is ideal for:

– Communicating and providing direction during building emergencies, such as fires or power failures

– Alerting to falls, elopements, and other medical emergencies instantaneously

– Calling codes to appropriate staff without utilizing the PA system

– Communicating changes to patient status to appropriate medical personnel or family members

Our technology is flexible and can be deployed in three ways: via our proprietary app called In-telligent, via activation inside an existing application, or via a branded app built by In-telligent for your organization.

To learn more about how we can transform communication for your medical facility, contact us!

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