In-telligent’S Flexible Deployment Options Give Any Organization The Ability To Improve Their Communication

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We are more connected today with the world around us than ever before.  With just a few clicks on our mobile devices, we can learn everything from the results from last night’s baseball game to the weather in Mumbai.  What would have been impossible years ago, is now commonplace today.  


Unfortunately, while we are all connected to “the cloud,” we are not always connected to each other.  This is especially true for emergency and time-sensitive communications.  



  • How do I reach someone someone in an emergency, when they generally “don’t want to be bothered”?

  • How do I tell people that I don’t know that they are in danger?

  • How do I communicate with someone if I don’t know which language they speak or how to speak their language?


In-telligent solves these problems.  In-telligent is the next evolution of communication. While others rely on emails, texts, robo-phone calls, and other ineffective means of relaying critical information, In-telligent uses next generation patented technology to get time-sensitive messages to the right people at the right time.


In-telligent’s technology is available for licensing by any organization with time-sensitive communication needs. Recognizing that these needs vary greatly between organizations, In-telligent has developed a robust platform with multiple deployment options, creating a solution for nearly every situation.  


Deployed through its proprietary app, integrated via open APIs into a customer’s existing mobile app, or introduced to the world through a custom-built branded applications, any organization’s communication strategy can be enhanced through:


  • Silent setting override: Urgent and emergency messages can bypasses mobile silent and DoNotDisturb settings, ensuring immediate receipt.

  • Auto-translation: Messages are automatically translated into the recipient’s default language, regardless of the language used to send the message, to ensure understanding

  • Auto-grouping: Automatically groups users by location, allowing you to send messages only to affected users.


Are you an organization with time-sensitive communication needs?  Let us help you find an “In-telligent” solution! Our experts are available to answer questions and walk you through a demo of our different options!

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