In The Wake Of Parkland, In-telligent Provides A Communications Solution

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In the wake of the Parkland tragedy, there are many important conversations taking place about how to prevent future tragedies. Following the shooting, there were numerous threats at other schools, and lockdowns that ensued. Understandably, in all situations, there was panic, confusion and so many people trying to access timely and accurate information.

As the situations were unfolding, communication was sent out by Facebook, email, press releases and any number of other ways. Rumors, panic, confusion and frustration tend to surface when people feel they aren’t getting enough information, or the information they specifically need. This mass panic is why a solid communication system that lets school staff be as organized as possible in an emergency while keeping parents calm is so important. Efficient and effective communication is crucial.

The District Director of the Fraternal Order of Police in Miami echoed these concerns, noting that they believe as a remedy the State of Florida “should mandate all schools to have an emergency informations system (Like IN-TELLIGENT) that allows students and faculty to alert authorities and vice versa to get critical lifesaving information out when there is an emergency.”

The reality is that in these situations, accurate and timely information can be lifesaving. Receiving information first and fast from a reliable source (faster and more reliably than social media, memos, TV, local news, word of mouth) can make a significant difference. Even if the recipient’s phone is on silent, that setting can be overridden by In-telligent to deliver an important message. When circuits are overloaded when everyone is on the line trying to get information, the frequency that In-telligent broadcasts from can still get through.

As with any traumatic event, there are no shortage of proposed solutions, some with heavy price tags. Fortunately, In-telligent is a free platform and interested groups can be up and running within a day. In-telligent can also help by sending alerts for them or help them set up an effective communication strategy.

While it is hoped like the events that took place in Parkland will never take place again, in the event of any future crisis, having effective and efficient communication can make all the difference. To this end, an In-telligent solution is a must: communication that is free, authoritative, fast and first. Enroll your school or group now and keep in touch when it matters most. Seriously, why wait?

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