If you are a victim or witness in a case, getting help and staying informed and involved is critical. The free In-telligent app puts you in touch with trained support instantly. Help is confidential and calls are untraceable.

By downloading In-telligent now, you’ll always be prepared if you need help. Choose which type of support you’d like to be connected to in the form below, download In-telligent, then create an account! You will be connected to your requested group(s) in the app within 24 hours.

Remember, for emergencies, always dial 9-1-1!

Filling out this form will connect you to the groups you choose by programming their numbers in to your account on In-telligent app so that you don’t have to search for the number in an emergency. If you need assistance, please follow these steps:

1) Launch In-telligent.

2) Click the Contact tab.

3) Tap the phone icon next to the group you which to contact.

Emergency Tab

Put Your Safety in Your Hands

In-telligent also keeps you safer and informed in other ways, delivering need-to-know messages and providing connections to emergency assistance everywhere in the world.

Auto-Location Capability

In-telligent automatically identifies your location to determine which alerts you should be receiving.

Silent Override

In-telligent forces you to notice messages the moment they're delivered by issuing an audible sound that pushes past silent settings.

Pushing Past Congestion

In-telligent uses a cellular spectrum that avoids the congestion that commonly occurs during emergencies.

Emergency Assistance

Reach emergency assistance no matter where you are in the world, without having to know the number for help.