Tornadoes in November?

Yes, it Can happen!

The fourth largest november tornado outbreak on record occurred on november 17, 2013, spawning 72 tornadoes (including two that were rated ef4) across missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, tennessee, kentucky, and michigan. the outbreak claimed six lives and was responsible for $1.6 billion in damage.

What Can I Do to Stay Prepared?

Having a way to receive real-time weather alerts is key to staying safer and more informed when it comes to weather.

The FREE In-telligent app allows Missouri Storm Chasers to send you weather alerts first and fast so you're always prepared, no matter what Mother Nature may throw at us.

Download In-telligent now! Choose which part of Missouri you wish to receive alerts for, enter your email, then proceed to download the app. Make sure to create an account once you download; otherwise, you will be unable to receive alerts.

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