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In-telligent Emergency Alerts Feed

In-telligent’s Latest News feed reports on emergencies from around the world.

In-telligent Emergency Alerts Feed

Emergency Alert - Gunmen kill at least 15 in northern Mexico

Jun, 21 2021 at 09:48 PM (UTC)

At least 15 people are dead after being attacked by gunmen in northern Mexico. Some local news outlets have reported that the death toll may be as high as 18. The identities of the of the victims and the attackers, as well as the motive, were unknown at the time of reporting. The attacks occurred in Reynosa, a border city that lies across the US-Mexico border from McAllen, Texas. Reynosa has long been controlled by the Gulf Cartel, but it is believed that there have been some recent splits in the gang. The army, national guard, state police, and other agencies have all been mobilized in response to the violence. Mexico has experienced its bloodiest two years on record with 34,681 recorded murders in 2019 and 34,554 in 2020.

In-telligent Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - Three police officers murdered in Jammu and Kashmir, India

Jun, 17 2021 at 11:01 PM (UTC)

An off-duty Jammu and Kashmir police officer was shot and killed outside his home in Srinagar, India, marking the third police officer killed in the state in one week. He sustained a gunshot wound to the neck after being shot at by suspected militants. The officer was transferred to Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), where he later passed away from his injuries. The two other officers and two civilians who were killed died on Saturday after being attacked by suspected Lashkar operatives in Sopore town. Three others were injured during the attack.

In-telligent Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - Six dead after shootout with police in India

Jun, 16 2021 at 09:29 PM (UTC)

Six Maoist extremists have been killed in a shootout with Andhra Pradesh police in Visakhapatnam, India. Those killed were members of the banned Communist Party of India. Of the six Maoists, three were men and three were women. According to the Superintendent of Police, B V Krishna Rao, police seized an AK-47 rifle, a self-loading rifle (SLR), a carbine, three .303 rifles, extremist literature and explosive materials, among other things. He went on to say that several others escaped during the exchange and is imploring that they surrender and turn themselves in. Unconfirmed reports have stated that some top leaders of the Maoist group were among those who escaped. The police are trying to track their movements with helicopters.

In-telligent Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - Nine dead killed by severe storms in Pakistan

Jun, 16 2021 at 08:30 PM (UTC)

At least nine people have been killed and 17 others injured after storms ravaged parts of Pakistan. Four of the deaths and 12 of the injuries occurred in the last 24 hours. All of the victims involved were from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in the country's northwest. The provincial disaster management authority has confirmed the current total of deaths and injuries. The majority of the rain fell on the hilly and mountainous districts of Chitral, Dir, Mansehra, and Swat. A number of houses were also damaged in these districts. The disaster management authority has directed the respective district administrations to set up relief resources in the affected areas.

In-telligent Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - Rohingya camp in India burns down, hundreds homeless

Jun, 14 2021 at 10:01 PM (UTC)

A Rohingya refugee camp has burned down in India, leaving hundreds of people homeless. The camp was located in the Madanpur Khadar area of the country's capital, New Delhi, and was home to at least 55 families. According to a resident, Sufia Khatoon, the blaze began in an abandoned hut. This is the second time that the camp has burned down since 2018. There are an estimated 40,000 Rohingya refugees in various camps across India. The fire comes amid a government crackdown on the Rohingya refugees; in March, police in Jammu city and New Delhi jailed more than 200 refugees, claiming that they were living in the country "illegally."

In-telligent Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - Eighteen killed after bus overturns in Pakistan

Jun, 11 2021 at 10:55 PM (UTC)

At least 18 people are dead after a bus overturned in Balochistan province, Pakistan. Forty-two others were injured in the accident. According to security official Bilal Ahmed, the bus was ferrying pilgrims back to the Wadh area of Balochistan from a religious event in Sindh province at the time of the incident. He went on to say that the accident occurred because the driver of the bus was speeding, lost control of the vehicle, and slid into a ditch. Those who were seriously injured have been transferred to Karachi, approximately 350 km from the site of the accident. Road accidents are fairly common in Pakistan, particularly on the poorly maintained rural roads and highways where this accident took place.

In-telligent Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - India sets record for most covid-related deaths in a day

Jun, 10 2021 at 10:41 PM (UTC)

India has set the new global record for most deaths due to COVID-19 in a single day. At least 6,148 new deaths were recorded throughout the country on Thursday. This surpasses the previous record of 5,444 deaths set by the United States on February 12. The sharp increase in deaths is due in part to Bihar state updating their figures to include people who had succumbed to the virus at home or in private hospitals. With more than 29.2 million cases and 360,000 deaths, India remains the second-worst affected country in the world, after the United States. However, many experts believe that figures in the country may still be under-reported.

In-telligent Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - Thirty-two killed by lightning in India

Jun, 10 2021 at 12:24 AM (UTC)

At least 32 people have been killed by lightning strikes in West Bengal over the course of two days. Twenty-seven of the victims died on Monday while the remaining five fell victim on Tuesday. Lightning strikes from the monsoon continued to hit districts in the area into Wednesday but no additional deaths have been reported. The national and state governments have both announced a two lakh rupee (~2,740 USD) compensation for the families of the deceased. This comes just a week after Cyclone Yaas struck the same region of the country, damaging thousands of villages and killing several people in neighboring states.

In-telligent Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert - Six killed in political violence in Mexico

Jun, 09 2021 at 02:03 PM (UTC)

At least six people are dead in Chiapas state, Mexico, after another act of election-related violence. According to Ángel Ávila, a representative from the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), five of the six killed were members of the PRD. The five PRD members were traveling with one other person when they were ambushed in Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán. Among those killed, four belonged to the same family: Bernardino Sánchez López, his son, his daughter and his son-in-law. The attack happened while Sánchez was being transported to the hospital for an injury he sustained during a separate ambush that happened Saturday. The attack is believed to be related to a dispute with the Social Encounter Party. This incident comes during the most violent electoral period in the country's history.

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