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Over 20,000 people are killed around the world each year from lightning strikes, and another quarter of a million are injured! It’s safe to assume that the majority of these incidents come from people being unaware that lightning is nearby and that they need to take shelter. But In-telligent is changing all that with its new lightning detector feature, LightningAware. The app you can count on for life saving emergency communication makes lightning detection effortless. All you need is to be logged into your In-telligent account and if you are within 5 miles (or 8 kms) of a ground-reaching strike anywhere in the world, In-telligent will do the rest. It’s proprietary silent override feature will ensure you are always aware of the danger.

With the weather warming up, it’s time to play outside! During the warmer months, there are so many situations where having the ability to detect lightning is extremely helpful, making outdoor fun worry-free. Youth sports become safer because you will know if lightning is near. Boating, jogging, explorations, hiking at National Parks and other outdoor adventures are instantly safer as well. An outing to the community playground with the kids is more fun, too, when you don’t need to worry about not being warned of unexpected incoming extreme weather.

LightningAware is also really helpful on the work site. When your job requires you to be outdoors, being aware of nearby lightning will increase your safety and ensure you aren’t out in the open when you shouldn’t be. If you’re running an outdoor venue where guest safety is your priority, it’s easier to minimize liability and prevent lightning related injuries with In-telligent on your and your guest’s phones.

And, while this is all important during the daytime, In-telligent knows that you don’t want an audible lightning alert disturbing your sleep. If lightning strikes near you during the sleeping hours of 10pm to 7am, In-telligent will notify you of the strike but will not override your notification settings. This way, all lighting strike messages in your area will be available for you to read in the morning and your slumber will remain uninterrupted.

Be confident with the In-telligent app, knowing your phone is equipped to alert you of any lightning related danger, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. We’ll focus on keeping you, your family, and everyone you care about safer by giving you the information you need when you need it. So go enjoy yourself and leave the lightning warnings to In-telligent!