Miami-Dade Police Department’S Real Time Crime Center Chooses In-telligent To Keep Schools Notified And Informed In Emergency Situations

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In-telligent’s Safety and Emergency Communications Platform Bridges the Gap Between MDPD-RTCC and Private and Charter Schools in Times of Crisis, Providing Alerts of Situations that Require Immediate Attention

Chicago, IL – January 16, 2019 — In-telligent, provider of a personal safety and emergency communications platform designed to keep individuals safe during emergency situations and time-sensitive events, today announced a partnership with Miami-Dade Police Department’s Real-Time Crime Center (MDPD-RTCC). The initial purpose of the partnership is focused on keeping private and charter school officials in South Florida informed in emergency situations.

Through MDPD-RTCC’s use of the In-telligent app and secure online portal, they are able to more effectively alert the administration officials of schools within the County’s seven school districts when urgent events arise. In-telligent gives MDPD-RTCC an immediate means of communicating with principals and administrators when an event occurs that threatens the safety of students, teachers and staff, so they can take necessary precautions.

“The In-telligent app is important to me both as a police officer and as a parent,” said Sergeant Riki H. Greenbaum of MDPD. “We are giving school principals a powerful tool that allows them to take control of their school’s safety. In-telligent’s platform enables us to send out immediate communication based on 911 calls in the area, so that when crisis situations or emergencies arise, school officials can take necessary steps to keep students and staff safe as quickly as possible.”

“We created In-telligent with one goal — to keep people safer and more informed when emergency situations occur and mitigate the chaos and confusion that arise when information spreads that doesn’t come directly from the source,” said Allan Sutherland, Founder and CEO of In-telligent. “Nowhere is this more critical than in our nation’s schools, where acts of violence, natural disasters and other events take place that put children and teachers in harm’s way. By working with the Miami Dade Police Department, we are giving school officials access to much needed information – quickly and accurately, so they can take steps to keep everyone safe when situations arise.”

MDPD is among the first police departments in the U.S. to use a platform such as In-telligent as a way to keep school officials informed of emergency events in the area, and offers an example to other law enforcement agencies of how such a partnership can minimize the impact of such events on students, staff and parents.

In-telligent is available on the App and Play Store for individuals and businesses. Download the app at

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In-telligent is a technology company delivering a personal safety and emergency communications platform designed to keep individuals around the world more informed and safer during emergency situations and important time-sensitive events. In-telligent provides for the quick delivery, access, and viewing of messages to the right people in the right place even under severe and challenging conditions.  The company’s patented methodology for generating a distinct auditory signal, even when devices are in ‘silent’ or ‘do not disturb’ modes, forces messages to be noticed. In-telligent is licensable as SaaS for enterprise and government organizations to integrate via open APIs into their existing apps and communications platforms, and as a standalone iOS and Android app for the consumer market. More information is available at

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