Mom Babble Gives Her Take On The Power Of Personal Communities

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*Originally posted on Mom Babble*

I will NEVER forget the sound of that mother’s scream. I was catching up with some old friends over a bowl of queso, and the sound of her voice nearly stopped my heart.


In a building full of people, not a single doctor or nurse was present. I ran to the child and did what my husband had always told me to do: Hit the center of the back as hard as possible. Her body went limp like a doll.

The whole thing felt like a movie.

I don’t remember the paramedics arriving. I just remember that her face went purple and I couldn’t stop crying and she was just gone.

She left in an ambulance. She was breathing.

I would later find out that her name was Ruth and she was okay.

I eventually was able to connect with her mother, and we became friends. She told me that the hardest part of that day was that she couldn’t reach a single family member to join her at the hospital.

That poor mama did everything alone.

For 4 hours.

When In-telligent reached out to me to share information about their ground-breaking app, I knew it was something I could share with my tribe and feel good about.

“Through the FREE In-telligent app, you can create your own Personal Community to communicate with family and friends during emergency situations, for your safety and for theirs. When a phone call or text message does not get a loved one’s attention, In-telligent ensures that your message is noticed immediately by overriding their phone’s silent and do not disturb settings.”

I downloaded In-telligent immediately.

I STRONGLY encourage you to do the same.


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