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Providing governments around the world the ability to quickly and effectively reach their citizens and visitors with time-sensitive important messages.

Integrating In-telligent’s technology into your existing applications will ensure that your important messages are noticed immediately.

Using our app means you don’t need to have an app to make effective emergency communication possible.

Creating peace of mind by knowing that the important people in your life can get your attention when something urgent and unexpected happens.

Ensuring relevant people are alerted immediately during time-sensitive situations with patented technology. 


Read the latest news from In-telligent and see how our technology is making a difference for people and organizations around the world.

Our team works passionately to create the most powerful emergency communication platform possible, with the goal of keeping everyone everywhere safer during times of crisis.

Find answers to common questions or talk to us about how In-telligent technology can enhance your time-sensitive communication efforts.

Nations and governments

Providing governments around the world the ability to quickly and effectively reach their citizens and visitors with time-sensitive important messages.

Designed for use by nations and governments around the world.

Existing communication platforms, such as telephones, email, texting, and social networks were not designed for emergency messaging. They require expensive databases that are difficult to maintain, and don’t guarantee the messages will be received or noticed.

Built for emergencies, our platform was designed to keep people around the world safer during critical and life threatening events. We do things that no other platform is capable of doing by allowing you to:

Chat (2)

Issue messages to your people, wherever in the world, instantly.

Target (2)

Allow for localized targeted messaging to people that are in danger zones.


Ensure that your emergency messages are noticed and understood immediately.

By offering a unique 2-part cloud-based approach, government officials can quickly issue a message to their citizens and visitors through multiple channels without complicated infrastructure enhancements or costly capital expenditures.

Additionally, through combination of Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing technology and In-telligent’s patented silent override technology, the In-telligent-developed Exposure COVID app equips governments with the first globally-effective contract-tracing platform.

Custom branded emergency applications.

Our customized mobile applications, outfitted with our patented technology, give our government clients the ability to easily issue messages to their citizens and visitors with the following benefits:


Messages can be issued to everyone, everywhere, or hyper geo-targeted to only users in certain areas.

to Translate

Messages are automatically translated into the language of the recipient.

Silent Override Sound Green

When messages are critical, they are noticed immediately regardless of the recipient's notification settings.

With nearly two dozen country apps currently in use or being considered for implementation, In-telligent’s technology has become the new standard for official government emergency communications on almost every continent.

Global partnership network.

At least one smartphone user exists in almost every household, with nearly every one of those users utilizing one or more of the major messaging apps. Recognizing these facts, In-telligent is building a global partner network with these messaging platforms for the distribution of your messages. Our system already allows your team to reach over 30% of smartphones around the world.  By the end of 2020, over 90% of the devices will be reachable.

Global Partnership Network

User Experience

User Experience



Learn more about an app and its features, types of alerts and how they sound, and browse FAQs within the menu.



Messages are grouped to make the inbox more focused. Users are instantly connected to groups that are used for broad “national” communications as well as groups on their location that are created for more localized alerts.



Alerts carry an audible sound during emergency situations and auto-translate to ensure understanding


Emergency Help

Through the convenient SOS button, users will be instantly connected to the closest emergency service personnel via WiFi or a cellular connection.

Keeping citizens and
visitors safer and informed.

Enhancing your emergency communications with In-telligent technology ensures that a country is doing everything possible to reach its citizens and visitors during times of emergency with a message they can understand.

Masked Woman With Bubbles

Tracking Coronavirus with Exposure COVID.

As the first globally-effective COVID alerting and Contact-Tracing platform, Exposure COVID utilizes Apple and Google Contact Tracing technology to trace COVID cases and helps users both report positive test results and alerts them of potential exposures with patented silent override technology.

An Exposure COVID application can be custom-branded to each country and is designed to provide citizens with hyper-local information and officials with country-specific reports.  Information is completely anonymized, using Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing technology, to protect user data privacy. 

How it works.


Bluetooth Technology

Exposure COVID uses Apple and Google Contact Tracing technology to assign a randomly generated code to your phone, that changes a few times per hour, to ensure privacy. These codes contain no personally identifiable information and cannot be traced back to you.


100% Private & Anonymous

Users who test positive and elect to notify others will anonymously share their codes with our servers. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone else.


Silent Setting Bypass

App users who have been in contact with another user, who has reported a positive test result, are notified immediately with an alert that bypasses silent settings. They are then provided with next steps for quarantining and testing protocols, as well as the ability to contact the nearest COVID healthcare officials.

App Highlights

Exposure COVID Homescreen (2)

Simple App Introduction

Exposure COVID Privacy Overview (1)

Straightforward App Setup

Exposure COVID Menu Options (1)

Menu Options

Exposure COVID Possible Exposure Alert (1)

Real-Time Exposure Notifications

Exposure COVID Positive Test Reporting (1)

Positive Test Reporting

App Highlights

Keeping citizens and
visitors safer and informed.

Enhancing your emergency communications with In-telligent technology ensures that a country is doing everything possible to reach its citizens and visitors during times of emergency with a message they can understand.

These Apps have been developed and are now active on the App and Play Stores. They are available for their respective Nations to begin issuing alerts immediately.

Alerte D'Ivoire

Alerta Costa Rica

Alerta Dominica

Alerta El Salvador

Alerta Guate

Alerta Guate

Alerta Honduras

Alerta Mexico


Congo Alerts

Ghana Alerts

Guinea Alerts

India Alerts

Indonesia Alerts

Kenya Alerts


Myanmar Alerts

Nigeria Alerts

Phillipines Alerts

Russia Alerts

Sri Lanka


Thailand Alerts


Singapore Alerts

Saudi Alerts

Israel Alerts

Poland Alerts

Tri Gears

Implementation and use.

Deploying our technology is extremely flexible.  

If utilizing a custom alerting application, your team can be trained to send emergency messages to over 30% of smartphones users through our global partnership network right away.  We can work with your IT team to integrate In-telligent technology into a pre-existing communication mobile application or we can build you a customized mobile application with all the desired features already included.  Either option can be fully deployed within a few days, ensuring that your time-sensitive critical communications are noticed by your people immediately.

An Exposure COVID app can be created for your country in a matter of days, helping you track and slow the spread of Coronavirus in your country quickly and keep your citizens informed.

Talk to an expert.

Contact an expert to learn more about our customized mobile solutions.

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