New Features To In-telligent App Designed To Keep People More Secure During Emergencies And Time-Sensitive Events

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SOS Button, Suggested Groups and Contact Tab Designed to Give Users One-touch Access to Emergency Services, Groups of Interest and Family and Friends in Times of Crises

Chicago, IL — December 18, 2018 — In-telligent, a technology company delivering a personal safety and emergency communications platform designed to keep individuals around the world more informed and safer during emergency situations and important time-sensitive events, today announced the launch of a major app update.

New enhancements to the In-telligent personal safety app include an SOS Button, a Suggested Groups feature and Contact Tab. The new features are designed to make it faster and easier for users to connect to emergency services, family members and friends, and relevant groups based on their current location and interests, when emergencies and time-sensitive events arise — all with the touch of a button. With the newest upgrade, In-telligent makes it easier for people to stay safer and to connect and communicate with groups who are important in times of emergency – particularly when they are in an unfamiliar place or don’t know the best way to reach help.

Additionally, In-telligent now offers a more user-friendly design to better enable users to understand and interact with the app. By simplifying the layout and navigation, users can more easily receive and manage messages and notifications, discover new groups that will keep them better informed about issues related to personal safety, and more quickly reach help in an emergency.

“We designed the In-telligent app to save lives. Every day, in every corner of the globe, events occur that impact personal safety, and connection with emergency services and with others who are impacted is of the utmost importance,” said Allan Sutherland, Founder and CEO of In-telligent. “Natural and man-made disasters and other critical situations requiring immediate, personal communications among family members, as well as geo-specific events requiring urgent information to be delivered to recipients when they’re local or traveling all beg the need for a personal safety and emergency communications platform. In-telligent is that platform – and now, with our newest enhancements, the personal safety app keeps individuals anywhere in the world more informed and safer during emergency situations.”

Specific details about the new features include:

SOS Button – by pushing this button, located in the upper right-hand corner of the app, users will automatically be connected with the appropriate emergency number based on their location, providing instant access to local emergency responders anywhere in the world.

Suggested Groups – based on an individual’s current location and other groups they follow, this feature helps people discover new groups to connect with. Users have the ability to Connect to or Ignore each suggested group.

Contact Tab – the center tab in the app is now called Contact and allows people to instantly reach a Group Manager, emergency assistance, or support in a critical or emergency situation. A method of contact is listed next to each group; users simply tap one of them to initiate a message or call. Calls made on In-telligent are private and non-trackable to protect a user’s safety.

Together, these enhancements are designed to give In-telligent users greater peace of mind when they  need it most. Just by having In-telligent on their phone, users will be prepared for emergencies and critical events with the quick delivery of, access to, and viewing of location-specific alerts – even under the most challenging emergency conditions, no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, In-telligent has thousands of emergency support numbers built right into the platform, giving people access to emergency assistance without having to know the number.

In-telligent is available immediately on the App and Play Store for everyone, everywhere. Download the app at

About In-telligent

In-telligent is a technology company delivering a personal safety and emergency communications platform designed to keep individuals around the world more informed and safer during emergency situations and important time-sensitive events. In-telligent provides for the quick delivery, access, and viewing of messages to the right people in the right place even under severe and challenging conditions.  The company’s patented methodology for generating a distinct auditory signal, even when devices are in ‘silent’ or ‘do not disturb’ modes, forces messages to be noticed. In-telligent is licensable as SaaS for enterprise and government organizations to integrate via open APIs into their existing apps and communications platforms, and as a standalone iOS and Android app for the consumer market. More information is available at

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