Oh, Honestly Reflects On A Time When A Personal Community Could’ve Made A Big Difference

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*Originally posted on Oh, Honestly – Real Life for Real Moms*

A while back I took one of the kids to the doctor for a few random symptoms we couldn’t quite figure out. After the exam, the doctor sent us for an x-ray to rule out anything serious.

On our way to the imaging center, I called my husband to give him an update, but since his phone is on silent 99% of the time, he didn’t pick up. It was no big deal, since I didn’t have any actual news to report yet anyway.

Once there the tech got the x-ray machine set up and had me step behind the wall with her as she snapped a picture. I watched as the image appeared on the computer screen and my formerly chill self began to freak out a little.

I have tons of experience reading x-rays (and by tons, I mean absolutely none), so as soon as the picture popped up I knew that those dark spots I saw were most certainly tumors of some kind and not something completely normal that I had no reason to worry about.

As I waited for the doctor to call with the results, I attempted to keep my fears in check, knowing I was overreacting. Even so, all I really wanted to do was talk to my husband who has actual medical training and is also good at calming me down. But I couldn’t get a hold of him.

Luckily, the next time a similar situation occurs, I’ll be prepared because of an app I recently found out about from a fellow blogger.

The In-Telligent App let’s you set up Personal Communities which allows you to override the silent setting on a loved one’s phone in an urgent or emergency situation. And it’s totally free.

When someone at In-telligent asked if I’d be interested in working with them to get the word out about the app, I immediately said yes.

I bet every single mom reading this can think of at least one time in your life when you needed to get in touch with a family member and were unable to. Maybe it was for something minor or maybe it was truly an emergency. Either way, wouldn’t you love to know that your call could get through when you need someone the most?

Give yourself a little peace of mind for the next time an unexpected situation occurs.

Oh, and that x-ray I was freaking out about? Yeah, it was totally fine. Next time I’ll try to remember to close my eyes when the picture pops up.

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