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Almost everyone has some sort of routine – coffee in the morning, reading the paper on the train, going for a run after work, or maybe just watching the evening news. We use these routines to stay connected and create a sense of control. Everyone’s life is so full of distractions and needs/wants that these small routines provide a moment of calm during the daily confusion. But what about staying connected to the things that matter to you? Is that important enough to incorporate in to your routine? With In-telligent, it’s easy!

In-telligent is a communication App, available for download on your mobile device through the App or the Play Store, that is made up of hundreds of groups, or “communities,” including government entities, office and apartment buildings, stadiums, storm chasing groups, retail centers, and much more. Essentially, once you download the App and start subscribing to groups that are important to you, you will receive updates, messages, and alerts relative to the group delivered right to your mobile phone, making it easy to stay connected and informed. Weather-related communities share important alerts around changing weather conditions. Local government agencies share information that is important to citizens and residents. Police agencies use In-telligent to push out emergency alerts to keep people safer and better informed. Even the soccer coach can inform parents that the game location has changed quickly and easily through the platform. Additionally, In-telligent just introduced a new feature that allows you to communicate with loved ones when normal methods of communication have failed. When a call or text doesn’t get their attention, you can use In-telligent’s Personal Community feature to override a loved one’s silent setting to make sure your message is seen.

In-telligent provides a path for messages from the groups that you care about to get messages to your fast and first, but you still have to pay attention. That’s why building looking at In-telligent as part of your daily routine is so important! Whether you do it first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, after work, right before bed, or during each of these moments, making it a habit connects you with your communities and keeps you better informed.

When you connect and stay up to date on the things that matter to you, not only will you not to miss vitally important information, but you can also adjust your daily routine, if necessary. Having the best information available ensures that you make the right decisions. No one wants to be the last parent contacted when the coach needs you to come get your child from practice. No one wants to be the last to know about a changed meeting time for an important presentation. Having and routinely checking In-telligent ensures that you won’t be “that guy.”

No matter which communities you choose to subscribe to or how full your daily routine may already be, In-telligent needs to be incorporated into that routine today. Take control, be connected, be In-telligent.