Providing governments around the world the ability to quickly and effectively reach their citizens and visitors with time-sensitive important messages.

Integrating In-telligent’s technology into your existing applications will ensure that your important messages are noticed immediately.

Using our app means you don’t need to have an app to make effective emergency communication possible.

Creating peace of mind by knowing that the important people in your life can get your attention when something urgent and unexpected happens.

Ensuring relevant people are alerted immediately during time-sensitive situations with patented technology. 


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Our team works passionately to create the most powerful emergency communication platform possible, with the goal of keeping everyone everywhere safer during times of crisis.

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Our technology does something that no one else can do. Before In-telligent, it was nearly impossible to ensure that people noticed life-saving time-sensitive messages. After years of research and development, we broke through established boundaries to create the most powerful emergency communication system on the planet.

Silence your phone with peace-of-mind.

Continuing to lead in Emergency Messaging, we have enhanced the user experience for our App users.  Once an urgent alert is received on a device, a sound will be played alerting users to an incoming call using our Text-to-Voice technology.   The message details, including attachments and hyperlinks, whether the call is answered or not, will always appear in the user’s Inbox for future reference, if needed.

Click the play buttons below to hear the sounds that are being used to alert users of danger, as well as an example of an alert being read aloud through our new Text-to-Voice technology.

Life Safety Alert