What Our Partnerships Have Taught Us About Collaborating for the Greater Good

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At In-telligent, we have the pleasure of working with partners across the globe with the same goal in mind of keeping people safe during urgent and emergencies situations.

The time-sensitive and emergency communications industry is a complex one – and we view the need we’re solving in the industry as a global one by reducing anxiety for parents of school children in South Florida during police actions, people in waterfront villages in Thailand facing an impending storm and homeowners in Southern California dealing with life-threatening wildfires. In situations like these, we have to consider people that are directly impacted by the tragedies, as well as their loved ones near and far that are trying to ensure their people are safe. To do this, we think outside the box and partner with trusted organizations across the world that use our platform to disseminate key details to those in need. Together, we are able to continue innovating internally, and work closely together with our partners to help make the world a safer place. 

Another affordance that these partnerships allow us is the needed input on the important, but different perspectives of other cultures. Since we’re not on the ground in every place that our services are utilized, having a trusted partner in these regions has been integral in making sure we’re keeping the local culture top of mind as we build out customized solutions. Adopting this path catapulted us onto the world’s stage and allowed us to start helping people everywhere more reliably.

We see instances daily where our platform is used to thwart emergency issues, which is incredibly gratifying. Unfortunately, we also witness events daily where information needs to be disseminated better or where no solution is yet available. The one silver lining when these communication issues occur is that they facilitate and reinforce conversations around how we can help prevent similar situations from reoccurring. We are extremely proud to be a company that works with organizations across the globe to offer resources that create a more secure environment for all.

A few strategic partnerships that we are proud to be a part of in order to power these communications worldwide include:

  • SenecaGlobal: We couldn’t do what we do without SenecaGlobal’s IT support and mobile and web app development services that power our entire suite of products. We admire their operations that combine a business approach to their customer support services and also how seamlessly they are able to deliver customized solutions depending on specific needs of an organization. When we bring them new, innovative ideas, they reliably deliver for us while being extremely flexible in their development approach. 

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Our servers and data security for the majority of our web and mobile applications (all but BuzzBell) are made possible by AWS. Their global presence is something we admire, along with their best in class security, ability to have redundancy built into the system both within the location and through data servers throughout the world, and their ability to scale with us. Our two-year relationship is coveted, and as we continue to grow our business and user base, we are thrilled to have them by our side along the way.

  • SendBird: We rely on SendBird for our server and data security for BuzzBell. Not only does Sendbird have an elevated suite of services for chat, audio and video calling features, but their security is best in class, which is critical for a two-way messaging app like BuzzBell. Their technical quality and customer support team is top notch, which is an added bonus for us as we continue to work together.

  • Independent network of agents across the globe: Earned trust is one of the most important pillars of our business, and over our lifespan so far, we’ve worked with a myriad of different groups. We’ve been able to learn what works and the best ways to make these partnerships stick, and most of the time, it’s all about a shared vision of helping people across the globe. This shoutout is for our partners that help to make the world a safer place, which we think is the key ingredient to the success of a business like ours.

We know that there will always be new ways to innovate in this space, and look forward to continuing to have a hand in shaping the future of time-sensitive and emergency communications with our partners across the globe.

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