When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared With An In-telligent Communication Plan

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In the event that a disaster strikes – how will you get in touch with the people that you care about the most? 2017 was a horrible year for disasters. Between Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, 168 lives were lost, and billions of dollars worth of property was damaged. In California, millions of acres were swallowed up by wildfires. And, if this wasn’t bad enough, almost five hundred people died in mass shootings and over 1,600 people were injured. When these horrible things happen, how do you find out and relieve anxiety?

That’s where In-telligent comes in. This Chicago-based communication company made an app designed for emergency communications that can be truly life-saving. In an emergency, you want to know that you have the most current, accurate information to keep you and your loved ones safe. Panic and confusion can complicate an already difficult situations, so being prepared in advance is in everyone’s best interest.

Text messaging, phone calls and social media can be helpful in these situations, but the In-telligent app has features that mean it works when the options you’ve come to rely on don’t.  Specifically, the biggest challenge that gets in the way of good communication is a phone being put in silent or do not disturb mode noise. In-telligent ensures important, life saving notifications are noticed by overriding these settings – this way you hear the alert immediately whether sleeping or when your phone is in your pocket.

The partnerships that In-telligent has created will keep you ahead of any number of disaster situations: flood, storm, hurricane, blizzard, tornado, wind, lightning, giving you time to get out of the way. Because of the geographic awareness of the app, it can even warn you when you are entering a zone that has an alert that you should know about.

Another consideration in the event of a crisis is ease of communications with people who don’t necessarily all speak the same language. In-telligent gives the user the ability to instantly translate the message into 100+ different languages regardless of the language used in creating the message, ensuring that in multicultural communities, everyone understands the alerts.

In-telligent even has a feature that allows family members to override each other’s phones when they absolutely need to talk to each other. Not intended for everyday communication, in those instances where you have to get a hold of your spouse or children, having an In-telligent Personal Community in place can alleviate anxiety and keep your loved ones safer and better informed.

In this time of uncertainty and dubious information sources, having a free way to access information you can rely upon is so important. Download In-telligent today from either the Play or App Store today as part of your family’s disaster planning to be in the know. While it is hoped you will never truly need it, in the event that you do, you will be thankful that you became In-telligent.

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About In-telligent

In-telligent, a free and easy-to- use mobile app and based communication platform designed to help keep people safer and better informed. The In-telligent app has been widely adopted as a mass notification system that revolutionizes the way communities communicate with their members. Visit www.in-telligent.com for more information.

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